Visualstorytelling for 
The Joseon Dynasty 
Visualstoryteller (Dong-Hyun Kwon)
2013-2018 worked. 2022 ver. 

This artwork is about a visual storytelling for the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty.

Visualized information will be helpful for people who are interested in Korean history to introduce Korean history and culture. Even Korean people could revitalize their valuable cultural contents in this visual communication era.

Korea has a huge amount of well-documented heritage of their own history compared to other countries. Specially, the documents of the Joseon Dynasty are the most enormous and intimate in entire history of Korea. These documents are unique official records in the world that covered only one dynasty for about 500 years. Moreover, during the annals of other countries mainly cover politics at Court, the annals of the Joseon Dynasty include all areas of the society, such as traffic, military, and public welfare as well as politics. So People could, if they encounter visual storytelling techniques, shed new light in effective on sophisticated material of Joseon Dynasty that represents development of historical and cultural awareness of the public.

There are many summarized books and comics about the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty. These are, however, still required spending lots of time to read for the contemporary people who is very busy. This “visual storytelling for the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty” will show glorious history of Joseon Dynasty at a glance.
Sketch for The Joseon Dynasty 
2014 ver.
Graphic Artist
 Dong-Hyun Kwon
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